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Section One:

What is Your Name?: Karina
What is Your Favourite Colour?: Black (I'm so EMO)
What is the Velocity of a Wind-laden Sparrow?: Faster than one carrying bricks.
African, or European?: Afripean, or Eurocan.

Section Two:

Do you like nintendo? Indeedly do... Well Super Nintendo... Go Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Super Mario Kart!!! I've moved up in the world now though... PS2, although that sits collecting dusk now as well...

Section Three

Justify why it's cool 2 b AnA: Well in a literal translation it is cool to be AnAz because you have little body fat to keep you warm, thus you will feel cool... :p But other than that cuZ I get thoz C00L HeapSpinZ wivout HaVin 2 SmoKe No Ciggazzz

Favourite Childhood TV show + Character!: Degrassi/Babysitter's Club/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Chipmunks

Place of Residence (to the dot... it's way cheaper to track you down that way):  I'm a Westie... Living in the Western Suburbs of Sydney... Well ouside Sydney... You get nine dots in that answer.

Favourite Show/Book/etc:  TV shows; Buffy/Angel/The X Files/Six Feet Under all of which are no longer on, Scrubs, House and recently I saw the first episode of Californication... David Duchovny is as sexy as ever so that will automatically make it onto the list. Book; I was sucked into the Dan Brown phenonema but I am over it now... I like Chuck Phul*** 's (couldn't be fucked trying to spell his name, he wrote Fight Club) books, I loved a book by Jasper Fforde, The Eyre Affair, and one by Jodi Picoult, another about an incident with a dog at midnight or something...I have loved many a book in my time...

Funniest Moment in TV/Book/etc history: TV series; In a Buffy Episode when Spike grabs Buffy's hand and puts it on his manhood and Tara walks in to see it, he tries to cover it up by saying he has a cramp and she says "THERE?" and he responds with, "it's a muscle" or something along those lines. Man I could go on forever with hilarious quotes from TV shows...

Funniest Quote from a Movie: ...and this one time at band camp... I am sure you know the rest...

Recommend Something 'Fun' We Should Consider Doing or Reading: Get stoned and watch Wildboyz, which is like the jackass boys doing their thing... With Wild animals! I only say this to those who have smoked before in which case my bad influence will play no part. I do not promote drug use... (much :p)

Section Four:

Find a Funny Photo on the Interwebz and Post It Here (20 point bonus if it's of you!): 

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