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hay Yalzz! im lYke nEw...


Section One:
What is Your Name?: Jen
What is Your Favourite Colour?: grey and pink together
What is the Velocity of a Wind-laden Sparrow?: is it carrying a coconut?
African, or European?: whu? i dunnoooo..... *thrown over edge*

Section Two:

Do you like nintendo? oh yes, but i only have a ps2 (can that mean i just be mauled by the pigs?)

note: new community rule... answer = yes or we'll feed you to the pigs ]

Section Three

Justify why it's cool 2 b AnA: cUz lYke Thin iZ iN!
Favourite Childhood TV show + Character!: ninja turtles, mikelangelo (i think i spelled that wrong)
Place of Residence (to the dot... it's way cheaper to track you down that way): springfield, missoruri pinpointed!
Favourite Show/Book/etc: degrassi,lost, the sopranos, carnivalle, house, spongebob, i'm a tv addict, this list would be too long.
Funniest Moment in TV/Book/etc history: i gotta link the picture http://images.ebaumsworld.com/2006/10/search-for-rapist.jpg
Funniest Quote from a Movie: in tommy boy when he goes "what'd you DO?!" after the car door gets knocked off.
Recommend Something 'Fun' We Should Consider Doing or Reading: burn weird objects. (pennys melt AND bubble!)
Section Four:

Find a Funny Photo on the Interwebz and Post It Here (20 point bonus if it's of you!):

oh he is gonna kill me.... this is my boyfriend lol:

and one of me for the hell of it. (i do have a funny one, but it's very X rated so i'm not gonna post it...)

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